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Youth Program

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We are proud to offer a Youth Program at Trio Bowling Lanes. Bowling is a professional sport that, once learned, will be with your child for their entire life. It not only teaches children social skills, but is a great way to enhance the learning of basic math skills. Bowling teaches good sportsmanship, what it’s like to be on a team, and at the same time, is the perfect way to learn patience. Not only does bowling teach all of those things, it also encourages hand-eye coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Bowling is generally a winter sport, but since it’s inside, it can be played year round. Trio Bowling Lanes is the perfect place to introduce bowling to your children. It’s a fun-filled atmosphere that offers an overall inexpensive way to have some family fun.

Trio-Bowling-YouthYouth program bowlers at Trio Bowling Lanes have the opportunity to participate in several tournaments. They also have the chance to win scholarships. A youth bowling team from Trio Bowling Lanes won a scholarship last year, and each member of the team won a $100 award. Trio Bowling Lanes is proud to announce that in March of this year, 7 out of 10 of our youth bowlers who participated in the Pepsi Tournament qualified for state-level play.

Trio Bowling Lanes currently has youth program bowling leagues on Saturday. Give us a call for more information on our youth program bowling.