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98 South Main Street
Fredericktown, OH 43019

About Us

On Saturday July 12th, 1958, Trio Lanes in Fredericktown, Ohio opened its doors with 2pm ceremonies.  Mt. Vernon’s Mayor Phil Mauger, one of Mt. Vernon’s top average bowlers, was master of the ceremonies, along with Fredericktown’s Mayor Laural Morrison, who gave an address of welcome.  Both Mayors rolled a game each.

Also, during the ceremonies, one man and one woman won bowling shoes that were given as door prizes.  Jim Dawson, currently of Chesterville, who still bowls at Trio Lanes today, on the Wednesday Night Tri County Men’s League, won the door prize for the men, and Bonnie Ruhl, won the women’s shoes.
Bowling Pins at Trio lanes fredericktown ohio
The building was started April 1st, 1958, and the finishing touches to the interior were made just before the opening.  Automatic pin spotters, under-lane ball returns, and air-conditioning were installed.  The building is 130X60 foot, one-story concrete slab building, constructed by the Kokosing Company.

Trio Lanes developed its name from three men.  The establishment was built by brothers, Hoy and Herman Stevens, and Ed Toms.

In April, 1976, Trio Lanes was sold to Donald & Janice Barrick who owned the lanes for 20 years, and sold it in 1996.  Don & Janice established a youth program with three leagues and 12 adult leagues weekly.
The lanes have had a few updates with new automatic scoring and lane resurfacing.

Today, Trio Lanes is currently owned by, Shaun and Melinda Stephen. They not only own the bowling alley, but they have the chance to polish up their sport.

Currently, the establishment is associated with the Knox County Women’s Bowling Association and the Central Ohio Bowling Proprietors Association.  Through these associations, sanctioned bowlers have the opportunity to participate in local and association tournaments as well as state and national levels.

The youth bowlers have the opportunity to participate in tournaments as well, as they have the chance of winning scholarships, such as one team did this year, and each member received a $100 scholarship.
The local residents are active bowlers and come from the Village of Fredericktown, and outlying areas, including:  Bellville, Butler, Centerburg, Chesterville, and Mt. Vernon.

There is a snack bar available and a pro-shop where bowling balls, bags, shoes, and accessories can be purchased.

Current Leagues currently operating at Trio Bowling Lanes are:  Sunday:  “Jack n Jill’s” Mixed; Monday:  Men’s Fredericktown/Clearfork; Tuesday:  Women’s Early Risers, and Women’s Allstar; Wednesday:  Men’s Tri County; Thursday:  Women’s Trio Lanettes, and Fredericktown Men’s; Saturday:  Fredericktown Youth League.